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Diversity Statement

Brodie Lab Statement of Values


All open-minded and curious people are welcome in our lab. We know that people from different ethnicities, races, educational backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, immigration histories, ableness, and gender identities make our lab community better at science, and frankly, a more fun place to work.

  • We recognize that entrenched racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and other injustices mean we have to do extra work to enable access and opportunity for everyone.

  • Efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive community within and beyond our group are valued and rewarded by the lab and the PI.

  • Different people have different needs, goals, and definitions of success.

  • Anyone in the lab with a concern can bring it to any other lab member for support, to help find resources, or to pass it on anonymously.

  • The impact of actions matters more than the intent of the actor. Lab members commit to taking all concerns seriously and changing our behavior if needed.

  • Creating a tolerant space requires rejecting intolerance. Learning how our actions affect others is a critical step in establishing a welcoming environment. However, continuation of behavior that has a severe negative impact on other people is grounds for removal from the lab.


Anyone working in our lab is asked to abide by our community values. As lab leader, Butch Brodie commits to guiding the group by these principles. Brodie currently serves as the Department of Biology’s Director of Diversity, Equity ,and Inclusion, which provides him an amazing opportunity to learn from other DDEIs across the College of Arts and Sciences, and allows him to help direct the Department of Biology at large toward a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse future.


For more on the Department of Biology’s vision, policies, and plan for improving diversity, equity and inclusion, please visit


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