The Team

The Core Team


I am broadly interested in how interactions at different levels of biological organization drive the evolutionary process, from epistasis between loci within a genome, to social interactions among individuals in a population, to coevolutionary arm-races between species in a community. My work focuses on natural populations and field studies of selection and inheritance in taxa ranging from snakes to insects to flowers.

Edmund "Butch" Brodie III

EDB3 headshot.jpg

BFD Runk Professor 

Director of Mountain Lake

Biological Station

My research combines field observation, experiments, and social network analysis to ask about the causes and consequences of behavioral variation at the individual and group levels. You can find out more on my website.

Phoebe Cook

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PhD Candidate

I am the lab technician for the Brodie lab. I help in managing and creating databases that the lab uses, as well as assist in executing and creating lab protocols. I also act as the lab's liaison.  I enjoy learning about ecology and interspecific interactions between insects and vertebrate animals. 

Savanna Emily Cabrera


Lab Technician 


I am a behavioral ecologist interested in the evolution of social behaviors. I have studied cooperative vigilance in meerkats and coordinated feeding behavior in fruit flies, and I look forward to exploring the social behavior of forked fungus beetles in the field next summer.

Clara Stahlmann Roeder


PhD Student

I am a behavioral and evolutionary ecologist fascinated by how complex phenotypes shape and are shaped by ecological interactions. My work focuses on the interplay between nectar production and foraging behavior phenotypes in a plant-pollinating beetle community at MLBS. I am also engaged in science communication work to share the fascinating story of evolution with all audiences. You can find out more on my website here.

Sarah McPeek

SJM Headshot 2021.jpg

PhD Student

I am interested in the evolutionary mechanisms underpinning how the environment structures phenotypic and genetic diversity. My postdoctoral work focuses on how environmental variation impacts the geographic mosaic of coevolution in an arms race between toxic newts and their snake predators.

Anthony Gilbert




Matthew Armstrong


Matthew is a third-year undergraduate who works primarily with the lab manager Savanna Cabrera on processing and analyzing forked fungus beetle behavioral assays. Matt majors in Biology and Environmental Science. He is interested in wildlife biology. Outside of the lab, he is interested in ancient history.

Matthew Armstrong

Olivia "Livi" Baker


Olivia is a fourth-year undergraduate interested in climate change and art. She's been a long-time worker in the lab and has been awarded the Double Hoos Award with Pheobe Cook in order to help study forked fungus beetle interactions. 

Livi Baker.JPG

Sophia Benmhend


Sophia is a second-year undergraduate who is interested in the ecological effects that insects have on their environments, as well as human obstetrics. Outside of the lab and classroom She enjoys backpacking, reading, and taking care of her houseplants.


Past Members

Robin Costello

  • PhD 2020

Liza Mitchem 

  • PhD 2021

Mike Hague

  • PhD 2018

  • Postdoctoral Researcher at the Cooper lab at the University of Montana

Eileen Butterfield

  • Lab Manager 2018

  • Now works as a business analyst at Silverchair

Hannah Donald​

  • Lab Manager 2012

  • Now works as a Lab Manager for Formica lab in Swarthmore College

Brian Sanderson​

  • PhD 2016

  • Postdoctoral researcher at the Oakley lab at Purdue University

Corlett Wolfe Wood​

  • PhD (2015)

  • Assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh 

Leleña Avila

  • PhD 2015

  • Undergraduate advisor at UC Berkley 

Vince Formica​

  • Postdoc 2012

  • Professor at Swathmore College

  • Still works with the Brodie Lab! 

Joel McGlothlin​

  • Postdoc 2012

  • Associate Professor at Virginia Tech

Helen Vasaly​

  • MS 2012

  • Program Associate for the Computing Community Consortium

Eric Liebgold​

  • PhD 2011

  • Associate Professor at Salisbury University

John Chuckalovack​

  • MS 2010

  • Field Application Scientist Regional Manager at Bio-Rad Labs

Bronwyn Heather Bleakley

  • PhD 2007

  • Associate Professor of Biology and Biology Department Chair at Stonehill College

Jason Kolbe​

  • Postdoc 2006

  • Associate Professor at University of Rhode Island

Mathias Kölliker

  • Postdoc 2005

  • Curator at the Museum of Natural History Fribourg

Liz Lehman​

  • PhD 2006

  • Associate Director of Science Companion Projects at UChicago. 

Ben Ridenhour​

  • PhD 2004

  • Professor at the University of Idaho

Stephanie Welter​

  • PhD 2004

  • Associate professor, chair of the division of natural sciences, and chair of the biology department at Kansas Wesleyan University 

Yoni Brandt​

  • PhD 2004

Aneil Agrawal​

  • PhD 2003

  • Distinguished Professor at the University of Toronto 

Cerisse Allen ​

  • PhD 2002

  • Researcher and Lab Coordinator in the Emlen lab at the University of Montana

Maura "Maple" Denman​

  • ​PhD 2002

  • Naturalist at the Ginzbarg Nature Discovery Center

Jen Sadowski​

  • PhD 1999

  • Professor and Chair of the biology department at Viterbo University

Jason Wolf​

  • PhD 1998

  • Professor at the University of Bath 

Chris Grill​

  • PhD 1998