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The Team

I am broadly interested in how interactions at different levels of biological organization drive the evolutionary process, from epistasis between loci within a genome, to social interactions among individuals in a population, to coevolutionary arm-races between species in a community. My work focuses on natural populations and field studies of selection and inheritance in taxa ranging from snakes to insects to flowers.

Edmund "Butch" Brodie III

EDB3 headshot.jpg

BFD Runk Professor 

Director of Mountain Lake

Biological Station

My research focuses on the impact of animal behavior on ecological processes. I am particularly curious about how variation in animal behavior is maintained within a species and how the environment affects that variation. Using the forked fungus beetle as a system, I manipulate social contexts in both lab and natural settings to determine why individuals express consistent behaviors, even when those behaviors are disfavored in some contexts. You can find out more on my website here.

Liza Mitchem


PhD Candidate

I am a behavioral and evolutionary ecologist broadly interested in how an individual’s behavior can play a role in the selective processes that shape the diversification and maintenance of populations and species in nature. I am also engaged in science communication work to share what we learn about the fascinating story of evolution with all audiences. You can find out more on my website here.

Sarah McPeek


PhD Student

I am broadly interested in how social interactions impact evolutionary processes. My dissertation research uses experimental populations of forked fungus beetles to explore how social interactions differ across habitat structures and whether selection on social interactions acts at the individual or group level.

Robin Costello


PhD Candidate

I am interested in the evolution of complex social traits. Using forked fungus beetles as a model system, my work asks whether and how social network position can evolve in response to selection. 

Phoebe Cook

website photo.JPG

PhD Candidate

I am the lab technician for the Brodie lab. I help in managing and creating databases that the lab uses, as well as assist in executing and creating lab protocols. I also act as the lab's liaison.  I enjoy learning about ecology and interspecific interactions between insects and vertebrate animals. 

Savanna Emily Cabrera


Lab Technician 

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